Beholder DS1 Handheld Stabilizer 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal for DSLR Camera Support Weight 2kg

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Beholder DS1 can load 2kg, Support Canon 6 d / 5 d / 7 d, support large SLR, like A7R2,A7S+24-70/12-35,RX10DII, GH4+12-35, GH3+14-140 ect, It can be more widely used in theater quality video, capture micro-film, feature films, documentaries and other types of video works.Beholder DS1, is the first dual-level sensors 5D single hand-held three-axis gyro stabilizer. Whether fast with the film, a low angle shooting, you can make your shot using a 32 .DS1 arbitrary system, faster response, with dual sensors, stability and accuracy greatly improved, and supports any angle boot, support poured directly without switching shooting modes, supports 3 axis 360 degree no dead augmentation, support GH series scroll, support for external remote control (wired or wireless remote control), allowing you to connect extension rods can become mobile after the rocker arm to achieve lens, slide the lens and time-lapse photography.

Supported Cameras

Supported maximum camera package 3.8 pounds,1700 grams
Sony A7 series.
GH4, GH7, series
Canon 5D, 7D.
NEX series.
DMC series.
Canon 5D, 7D.
Nikon D810, D800.

3-Axis stabilization.
Battery 3.7 volts 18650, 2600mAh.
Tripod mount, 1/4th(20)
USB charging port.
Model DS1.
Micro USB for wired remote control
32 Bit Board Simple BGC
Dual IMU senors
Bluetooth. (Android APP)
2.2 pounds weight with battery

Package Including
Beholder DS1 Camera Stabilizer
Camera quick release plate
Adapter Plate
Battery Set(only one)
Battery holder
Travel case

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