Airdog Sports Drone

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AirDog  is an action sports quadcopter specifically designed for action sports. Flight modes have been programmed for Wakeboard (Cable Park), Mountain Biking, Surf, Windsurf and Backcountry. More action sport modes are currently being developed.


To save battery life, the Airdog will not video your paddle-out. You initiate takeoff with the press of a button on AirLeash when you reach the break zone. AirDog will fly to you when you’re ready to catch the  wave.

Mountain Biking

LiDAR kicks in to avoid ground collision during rapid elevation changes. No need to worry about drop-ins and steep trails. You control the quadcopter while in action while easily avoiding obstacles easily with AirLeash.


Set a flight path line with two endpoints. AirDog will fly above the line and follow you as you shred in the park. Smooth footage of the action is the result.


AirDog can handle varying terrain while following you at high speed. You can film your action with Airdog’s compact and foldable body.


AirDog flies in winds up to 28 knots. Airdog’s sensor fusion technology allows you to capture all your jumps and tacks.


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